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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Psychiatric Practice

Q: What will my first psychiatric appointment and follow-up visits be like?

A: Your first visit to Dr. McMeekin will include discussion on why you scheduled the appointment, the history of your condition, an overview of your psychiatric and medical history, any past or present alcohol and/or drug use, your family history, and a social history. Please complete your New Patient Forms before coming to our office, giving thoughtful and accurate answers to the questions.

Q: What types of treatment does Dr. McMeekin provide?

A: The main method of treatment consists of psychotherapy (talk therapy), medications, or a combination of both.

Q: Does Dr. McMeekin file Medicare claims?

A: Our office does not file Medicare claims. If you are a Medicare patient and wish to see Dr. McMeekin, you will need to pay when you come for your appointment. You will be asked to sign an agreement stating that you are aware that Dr. McMeekin does not participate with Medicare and that you will not be able to file a Medicare claim for reimbursement of your visit.

Q: Do you charge for missed appointments or late cancellations?

A: We charge 100% of the appointment fee if you miss your appointment or if you cancel your appointment less than 48 hours before you were scheduled to come. We do not charge if you cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. * If you cancel your initial appointment with Dr. McMeekin with less than 48 hours notice, you may not be allowed to reschedule. Understanding that emergencies can occur, we are happy to extend a one time exception for a late cancellation.

Q: What should I do before my first appointment?

A: Call or email our office to schedule your initial appointment. Compete the New Patient Forms before coming for your visit. Bring the forms with you, fax them to 803-548-4382, or email them to [email protected].

Q: How can I get a prescription refilled?

A: We will prescribe enough medications to last until your next appointment. You are responsible for scheduling these appointments so that you do not run out of your medications. Prescriptions will not be renewed without follow-up appointments. Between appointments, only minor changes can be made to your medications. Please schedule an appointment with Dr. McMeekin if you believe you need more substantial changes to your medications.

You or your pharmacist may call Dr. McMeekin’s office for refills. Please give all necessary information when you call our office, including the contact information for the pharmacy, the name and dosage of medication, and your dosing schedule. Pharmacists may call Dr. McMeekin’s office at 803-548-4669 or may fax a request to 803-548-4382. It may take up to 48 hours to review your history and fulfill the refill request; check with your pharmacy before calling our office to see if a prescription was refilled. Routine refill requests will not be honored during weekends. Prescription refills requested after 4 pm on Thursdays will not be filled until the following Monday.

Q: What if I need care when your office is closed?

A: Please call our answering service at 803-366-0071. They will notify Dr. McMeekin. Please note that this number is for urgent matters only.

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